Monday, April 26, 2010

Costco Essentials

I am a Costco shopper. I love Costco and love going there. Have I mentioned that about three sample people know my son's name (should I be way embarrassed??) Anyway, my mom came out to visit recently, and while she was here, we took a trip to Costco to get some essentials. While there she showed me a couple or her and my dad's favorite things to get- two being Organic Chocolate Milk (in little cartons with a funny little straw) and Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps- and I had never seen either of them before.  We bought them and loved them- they were a hit with my son. Now they have been added to our Costco list!

So now  I wanna know what else I am missing out on! What are some of your favorite things to get at Costco?? Anything that I need to buy next time I am there?? :)  I would love to hear!

Some of our favorties include:  Uncooked Flour Tortillas (so so so good), Chicken Nuggets (can't remember the name but they have lost of good nutrients in them...) Rotisserie Chicken, Salmon Patties, Cinnamon Rolls and just discovered their Kirkland's Organic Tortilla Chips. 


  1. Oh girl I love some Costco too! My fav things from their are : The Ghiredella or however you spell it Brownie mix.. soooo good. Also, if you wear eye glasses or even sunglasses their eye center has a cleaning kit that is cheap and you get free refills on the cleaner for life, my Costco Bakery also just started doing red velvet cakes, and they are going to be the death of me!

  2. mmmm...I go to Costco every week. But my weekly list is boring stuff like milk, bread, eggs, etc. Once in a while purchases are the Mickey Chicken Nuggets, refrigerated tortellini, rotissarie chicken, romaine lettuce (all of whic I use for this little number):
    I buy the wholly guacamole there, Pirates Booty, 100 calorie snack packs, salad mix, english cucumbers, and of course, their seafood roadshow is great :) I could go on and on.....OH, OH, OH! One thing we have at our Costco here is the Kirkland Signature is a box-o-beer that has a large variety of different microbrews in it. Ok, done now, lol!

  3. Always buy the Costco chicken tenders, perfect for taking out exactly what you need. I buy all our meat there, actually. The ground turkey, pork roasts, salmon filets (i cut them up into serving sizes and freeze two together). Cheese is a must, I can't get enough havarti. :) I also buy the bags of apples, PERFECT to grab and go, as well as their bags of baby carrots. If you haven't tried it, the tabouleh is so good. Also, Wyatt LOVES the Annie's fruit snacks, I try not to give them to him too much, but they're perfect to stash in your diaper bag for shopping emergencies. :) I could go on...

  4. I like the Aspen Mills Squaw bread and whole wheat bread, the string cheese, romaine lettuce, pineapples, and Pita Chips- great with the hummus and mango peach salsa they have there. Ground Turkey- 97% lean, strawberries. They also have some Sunkist ALL FRUIT chews which are delicious, but a bit pricey- but they don't have any added sugar. My husband snarfed them and that says a lot! The other is Stretch Island Fruit Co, fruit strips- again, no sugar, all fruit.

  5. They have this amazing bread called Milton's. I eat it like candy (and for me that means I eat it a lot and a lot). Also, the Jack Daniels pulled chicken (the kind we had on our trip). It takes 4 minutes to make in the microwave. That's my kind of meal. :)

  6. edemame. hands down fabulous.
    stacey's pita chips.
    newman's own grape juice.
    kirkland cranberry and macadamia nut cereal.
    odwalla fresh orange juice.
    roasted pecans.
    organic frozen corn.

    these should all be on your list each time you go.

  7. I love dried mangos that are at the local Costco here...and frozen organic green beans. Mmmm. So yummy. :)