Thursday, April 22, 2010

ABC Quiet Book

My secret project is finally done!! I know you have been just on the edge of your seats- and not able to eat/ sleep kind of  excited to see it so sorry about the wait :)
I have been trying to teach my son his letters for awhile now and thought it would be fun to make a little ABC book for him to help.
It's a lot like my other quiet book but boy did this take less than half the time to make. All the letters are attached with Velcro to allow for matching and quizzing! 
You obviously could go all out with the objects but I tried to keep it simple. 
Of course felt played a big role with this project- along with muslin, embroidery floss, some yarn and buttons. I bound it with 2 metal rings as I did before.
It was a lot of fun to make and a great size- making it easy to bring it along wherever you go!!
This was an original idea- I am going to try and get a pattern available if  anyone is interested. Feel free to ask any questions!!


  1. I love this project! It is adorable and I am so inspired to make one for my little boy. It is so colorful and creative. Thanks so much for sharing all the pages. Can you tell us the dimensions of the book? Is each page a double layer of felt? And last question - did you add anything to the front and back covers to make them thicker/harder? Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth- Thanks for your questions!! I am not a pro at these by any means but this is what I did and it seemed to work :)

    Each page is 2 sheets of muslin (front & back) I stitched felt/ ribbon etc..directly on the muslin. In between the two pages are two thin sheets of flat batting to give it some fluff
    I also added the same amount to the front and back covers
    My muslin to begin with measured 8 X 11 however after sewing together it now measures about an inch less (7 X 10) So its a good small size- you can always adjust your size to how you want it though. My other Quiet book is 11X11!
    (oh and wanna know a secret.. my "batting" is actually a cotton Christmas tree skirt that I found on sale for $1 at Joannes- its fluffy and thin and worked perfect in between my pages)
    Thanks again, let me know if you have any other questions

  3. Chelsea, I just found your cute blog....i love this book. Hope you are doing well. Jacque (torres) VanOrman

  4. This is such an adorable quiet book. I found your blog through my sister-in-law Angela Swenson. My husband and I are expecting a little boy in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to make him this book for when he is older. I would love to have a tutorial if you are considering making one.

  5. hello,
    I found your blog through skip to my lou. I love your crafts and want to give one of your quiet books a try. Thanks for inspiring me.


  6. I have totally thought about doing this... I am so glad I can visualize it by seeing how you did yours. I love it!! Fabulous job!!


    PS I am still working on a regular old quiet book... whew, they are a lot of work!

  7. very nice...Stop by my blog on Monday and link up (Made by Me Monday). I'd love to see you there.

  8. Super cute!!! I made one for my daughter, no felt, though. (Well, not much anyway.) You can see it here if you'd like. She still loves hers! And it says "all done" at the end. :>)

  9. This adorable! I don't have the patience to stick with a project for so long. Ha! Looks great!

  10. Are the letters one layer of felt or two?

  11. They are two layers of felt blanket stitched together! It was a lot sturdier than one- especially since my boy is kinda rough when pulling off items that are velcroed!

  12. Did you do all the embroidery work before or after you attached the pictures to the pages?

    Also, what did you use to attach the pictures to the page? As well at the Velcro pieces?

    Im making a book, I promise to send you pictures when Im all done :)