Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tie Shirts!!

I think I have found a new obsession!!

These were SO fun to make
and CHEAP!

Here is how you make them

First gather the supplies

(note: for the fusible webbing, I love Steam a Seam 2 and always have used it-except for the time when I went to Michaels and was forced to buy that useless stuff pictured above- still did the job I guess)
-you also need a sewing machine and coordinating thread)

Next make a tie pattern (or copy the cute and wonderful one from here- has sizes and all- brilliant) trace it onto your fabric and cut out.  

Then trace your tie onto your fusible web and cut it out-
Then place the fusible web onto the back of the fabric tie. All you do is peel one side of the paper off and stick it to the tie. If you don't get it straight on (like me) you can just peel it off and try again.
Now place it on your shirt, follow the instructions on the fusible web package, and iron the tie into place.

Almost done
Now get your sewing machine and do a little zig zag around the edge of the tie

Easy Huh

Wanna know what makes this project ten times better
Each shirt cost me under a dollar!!

Purchased the shirts at Target recently for .79 each
and then used fabric from a pair of shorts I bought for my husband at Kohls for .99.( I bought him like 9 pairs of different shorts because of the great deal and these were one of the pairs that didn't fit, even if they did- what guy needs nine pairs of shorts, not mine!)

Wanna know another secret and great way of getting cheap fabric??
Go to the Dollar Tree-that's what ours are called out here and check out their clothing section. Usually pretty small-but has a couple treasures in it
I recently purchased 4 "Vintage Jackets" (what it said when they rang up.. felt a little bit cooler)
for a dollar each- Little did the cashier know that I would be cutting them up and using the fabric for my projects. Anyway here are a couple, kinda cute huh

$3 for a whole lot of fabric

I really enjoyed this project- great cheap way to spruce up some plain shirts!!

Now my little man is all ready for church, so cute


  1. i love tie-shirts. i also hit that awesome clearance section at target recently! Sweet!

  2. This is AH-dorable! I'll keep this in mind just in case our next one is a boy.