Thursday, January 7, 2010

Homemade Christmas 2009 Results

Husband is in Medical school + $900 plane tickets home = Homemade Presents for the family.....they felt really lucky I am sure!!

Despite taking a bit more time getting my Christmas list completed, I really enjoyed making my gifts this year. It is always such a fun experience to watch someone open a gift that you made -just for them (however hoping that they dont look too close to the seams...) In the end, we saved a lot. I probably used like 50 Joannes and Micheals coupons through the process!! Well here are the results. Sorry I posted them after Christmas BUT they had to be a surprise!!
These couldn't get any easier. You take a tea/linen towel and sew two straight lines arcoss the top. Tie one end of the strings and pull the other to add the ruffle. Then take a ribbon and place it on the inside of the ruffle to stabilize it. (This part will feel quite bumpy while you sew and it freaked me out at first, but somehow it turns out ok)
Then sew a ribbon on both ends at the top for the strap around the neck and then one at each side and your done!!
I liked adding buttons to the front as well. I would loved to have added a pocket on the front but ran out of time.  EASY huh!!! I got this pack of linen towels at Target for $10. 3 aprons for $10- I'll take it!!
2-Modge-Podge Stars-

You know the metal stars that EVERYONE has. Well I decided to take a little modge podge and try doing something different with them. I took various pattered cardstock, traced an outline of each triangle and stuck it on the star- Are you noticing a trend here- EASY- even easier than the aprons. Then to add a little somethin I wrapped a ribbon around it and it was ready to go. I did an everyday one and 2 holiday ones. I want to do a 4th of July one sometime!!

3-The Men's Gift-

Dad, father in Law, brother, husband- These guys always give me grief when their birthday or a holiday rolls around. Always so hard to shop for. Well this year I thought of a great, personal gift I could give them all. If you are not LDS, this document probably wont make too much sense but what I did was I got a copy of their Priesthood line of Authority, re-typed it, printed it on cardstock, threw a little ribbon on and placed it in a frame. They really loved it and half of them had never seen theirs. IF you are interested here is the email- . Send them your name/ persons name you are requesting and your address. IF you are requesting like your dads for example, they will have to mail it to his house- but they can address it to your mom to keep it a secret!! I think this with a tie would be a cute gift for Fathers Day!!

4-Crocheted Scarf-
All I did was the basic stitch cause that's all I know how to do! I am determined to get better.

5-Silhouette Pictures
These have been floating around the blog world forever and finally decided to try them out. (Sorry mom and Alice, these were my first!) I just took a profile picture of my little guy, copied it, traced/cut onto Black paper. Take any cardstock to put in the background and put in a frame!


  1. Wow, Chelsea! Those are some awesome ideas! I'll have to use some of those in the future.

  2. Super Cute Chels! I love the stars. I am going to have to try that. Did your star have ridges or were they smooth?

  3. Darling ideas! I would love to receive a homemade gift from you!

  4. I love that line of authority idea! How cool is that? I'm totally doing that for my brother, dad, and husband for birthdays!

    Thanks, Chels!

  5. I really love the line of authority idea! I am definitely going to use that one! I also want to try the modge podge stars too! Very cute ideas, thanks for sharing!