Monday, April 19, 2010

A Birthday Fit for a King

I have been dying to make one of these felt party crowns for along time now. There are seriously so many tutorials and examples of these all over the internet- I found a great video tutorial here that helped get me started. She has templates you can print off for two different crowns too!!
I printed off the template that looked more "boyish" and altered it a bit to make it bigger.
I also attatched some velcro so I could change the crown up over the years (or until it doesn't fit my son's head anymore!
So here are the steps that I did.....
to make this
Using your pattern- cut out two crowns out of any color of felt. These pieces are the front and the back of the crown
Then take your top piece and add your embellishments to it. (ribbon, buttons, jewels, etc...) I sewed on a strip of ribbon and then a piece of velcro in the center.
Once you are done adding your embellishments, you can then place a single sheet of interfacing in between the two- This stiffens your crown so it wont be so floppy.
Make sure your cut it down a bit smaller than the felt so it doesn't show.
Now take some elastic and tuck one end between the back piece of felt and the interfacing. With that tacked in place, measure your kiddos head with the elastic. Once you have your measurement bring it in a little and pin the other side in place. (making the elastic smaller than your child's head will keep the crown on their head)
Now pin and sew together!!
That's it!! Super easy and quick. My son loved his- Such a fun way to make your child's birthday EXTRA special!!
f.y.i. - If for some reason a half a bottle of bubbles spills onto your newly made crown- don't fret- it does dry and you can't even tell in the pictures :) just saying!

(p.s.- I would love to post some patterns/templates on here but just don't know the best way to do it.. any tips?? I guess a scanner would be necessary but really I'm clueless!!! Thanks)

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