Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Felt V-day Treats!!

I have been meaning to make some felt food for my son ever since he got a play kitchen for Christmas. I have come to the conclusion that it is going to be over a period of time before we can stock his fridge and cupboards. For Valentines day, I thought it would be perfect to give him some dessert themed felt food items to get his collection going!! I started out with some doughnuts. I think I was craving them ever since I posted this.... Anyway, here is how they turned out....

for those of you whose hearts fancy chocolate glazed...

or maybe white frosting and chocolate sprinkles

After showing my husband these- he told me they looked great but didn't have enough sprinkles on them to tempt him... so here is his

just a few more!!

They were SO much fun to make and decided that each of you should know how to make them too- so here is how I did it (there are probably better and less complicated ways to do this but this is what I came up with)
Supplies: Felt (multiple colors) thread and needle (coordinating colors) scissors, stuffing
1- Cut out two circles that will make up the actual doughnut- I chose my chocolate brown for this one

(I know fabulous photography.. blame it on the camera!!)
2-Line the two up on top of each other and cut a hole in the middle-
3-Get another piece of felt that you want to use for the frosting and cut
4-Place frosting on top of circle, lining up where you want to place it, measure where the hole is and cut the exact shape of hole onto the frosting
5-Sew around the edge of the frosting in thread color of your choice (I liked mine matching) I used a backstich. Sew only on one of the circles!!
6-Add sprinkles. Easy- just do one little stitch randomly over the frosted area of the doughnut

7-Next, get your other circle and match all the holes together. Then do a little whip action (whip stich) around the middle circle with same thread.

8-Once your middle is sewn together, change thread and whip stich around the outside. I like to do almost half the circle before I added stuffing. Once halfway, stuff that baby, stitch some more, then stuff stuff stuff until you are done!!!

Not too bad right???

I couldn't just stop at the doughnuts.... so I made some festive sugar cookies
(click to enlarge)
DO these make anyone else hungry???
Anyway, thought these would be a fun Valentine gift, and the possiblities are endless!!!
Like I said before, felt food is quite addicting!! Dont be surprised if the next couple of posts are more felt food projects- Maybe I will try going a little healthier


  1. Yum! Yum! Yum! They do make me hungry.

  2. I've wanted to make felt food for my kiddos too! I'm so going to get started on this. I would love to see what else you make - keep 'em comin'. Thanks for inspiring me :o)

  3. Oh my heck that is so creative and cute!