Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Health Kick!!

We have been trying to eat a bit healthier at our house recently and wanted to post some of our recent favorite {healthy} snacks!!!

First off, I need to share with you what I have for breakfast almost EVERY morning. Oatmeal.

 I have a thing for oatmeal- I'm kind of an oatmeal snob. My grandma made it for me all the time growing up and have loved it ever since... but it has to be just right. And no, it's not the microwave stuff.....
The key to the perfect bowl of oatmeal... in my opinion.. is to not overcook the oats. 
For a heart healthy portion {my daily portion} 
Bring 1.5 cups water/ a dash of salt to boil
 {I actually use a little less than 1.5 cups...I don't like mine runny at all}
Add 3/4 cup oats and let boil for like 20 seconds. Turn to simmer immediately.
I do this right when I get up and then go about my other morning responsibilities while its simmering. I even turn it off after a bit and let it sit. I like waiting a bit to make sure all the water has evaporated and the oatmeal is lukewarm. Weird, maybe.... but its delicious!
I then put my oatmeal in the bowl... top with brown sugar and milk! YUM!! So so great. 
Lately, I have been topping mine with raspberries & strawberries and eliminating the sugar. Makes for a healthy and delicious breakfast!

Granola (photo and recipe found at Katie Did): 
I'm obsessed with the stuff. This recipe is great and super simple. It makes your whole house smell heavenly while cooking and tastes even more amazing after. I made it for the first time when my parents came to visit and we snacked on it all weekend. I've made it three more times since. My 3 year old even loves it- This granola tastes great by itself, in yogurt, bowl of milk... whatever

Speaking of yogurt... we are really loving {trendy} Greek Yogurt. Mix some granola and a little honey with your Greek Yogurt and you're in for a treat!!

Another recipe we have loved is the Veggie Muffins found on the MADE blog 
{image from MADE blog as well}. 
I didn't think my son would gobble these up like promised..... but seriously... he did! He did not want to stop eating them. Who knew broccoli/carrot/banana/prune juice muffins could taste so good!!

Green Smoothies {Image and recipe found at OCP}- 
These are for sure a new favorite at our house. May sound or look gross but they are delicious and a great way to sneak spinach into your kid's diet. Again, my boy goes CRAZY for these..... and so do I!!

Trader Joes Blue Corn Tortilla Chips- Can't get enough of these..... seriously, the three of us can down a bag in one day- If you live near a TJ's- you must try them!!

So there you have it!! 
Now if only I could replace that nightly bowl of ice cream with an apple I would be good!

{p.s. Have you checked out Pinterest??? If not you are MISSING OUT!!! If healthy snacks just aren't your thing....I have plenty of tasty treats pinned and ready to test out!! Be my friend here to see!!}

Sprinkle Birthday Shirt

Wow, it's been awhile!! Even my husband noticed that I hadn't blogged on here for awhile... now that's sayin' something!! The babe is 3 months and I am finally feeling somewhat in control of things again... somewhat!

Anyway, when I saw the Sprinkle Shirt on the MADE blog, I knew it was perfect for my sons birthday shirt. Even though the number 3 wasn't the most even and easiest to embroider around, I like how it turned out!!!
It was such a fun project to work on and very easy!!!