Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See.....

I see FINGER PUPPETS.... that's what I see

OK so this is my son's ALL TIME FAVORITE book, we read it at least twice a day, maybe more. I love it though, always have!
On a side note, due to the awful weather, we have spent a lot of our time in the library. What I love about our library is that you can check out everything.. books of course, along with stuffed animals, puzzles, toys etc. I began to notice that with a lot of their popular children's books, they had some sort of stuffed animal/object etc that would go along with the book. I thought it was a great idea especially when I saw how much my son loved holding a corudoy bear while we read the book "Corduroy"
Anyway, it gave me this idea....
I decided to make some finger puppets that my son could play with while reading our favorite book.
I made a couple finger puppets with my quiet book thanks to my college buddy Jill and basically used the same dimensions for these ones. I tried my best to match colors, shapes, etc as the book did and seriously was sad when I finished, they were a lot of fun to make!!
Here they are
something for all ten fingers...
well eleven if you count the one I made to represent my son!!
(and yes those are manly hands modeling, my son was not cooperating!!)
I thought this was an even better way of helping my child learn his animals and colors.
SO how I did it??
Well of course they are made out of felt, my favorite!! Used a simple blanket stich on the edges and glued the heck out of the googley eyes- After I was finished putting the two buttons on the boy and teacher, I realized it was a stupid idea since there are for my little boy to play with, so I am going to take them off soon,( just thought they were cute for the pic)

There you have it. This was such a FUN project- my boy loves them!!