Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Gifts

Here is a glimpse at what I am giving my "VALENTINES" this coming Sunday.

So I was being serious when I said I was going to make these two projects. I decided to give them both to my husband.
First is my little "Coupon Book of Love"- idea from here
Let me tell you how easy it was using cards instead of having to cut out cardstock, such a great idea
I had a lot of fun with this and think the husband will like it
SO fun and So easy!! I included a coupon for a 10 massage from me (more than 10 min would just do me in, my poor husband :)  )
We joke at how bad I am at giving them so that's why I included a REAL coupon (gift certificate) for him to get a REAL massage- he will discover that on one of the cards.

The next is what I like to call a "Poor Man's Valentine Card" basically because it's used with 
Paper Bags (seen here)
This was SO much fun to make

There are about 8 diferent cards he can pull out with a Reason why I love him/ picture attatched on each side
Here are a few examples

(inside joke)

(click to enlarge, one of my favorite pics of my hubbie)
Such fun and inexpensive gifts (well minus the massage gift cert.)

Oh and here are a couple more felt food desserts I am giving my son to add to his "fatty" and "sugary"
felt food collection!

I really need to make him some veggies!

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