Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Celebrate the Holidays- Mr Potato Head Style!!

I have been dying to make a Mr Potato Head out of felt ever since Christmas time. I saw the idea at Make it and Love it and thought it was brilliant. Well yesterday I finally got around to it and here are the results...

I briefly read over these directions here and went to work.

After finishing, I really wanted to add something elso to it. For those of you who don't know me, I go nuts over all the holidays, I just love them. So... I decided to give my Mr Potato Head some festive parts...
here are some for Valentines Day

And then some for St Patricks Day (one of my favorite holidays I might add)

Here is how they looked on....

What do you think??

I loved adding the extra pieces and think it will be a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Don't worry, Easter and 4th of July pieces are in the works.... I hope to have them for all the holidays. Check back for them soon!!
By that time I probably should think of making him a wife!!! Let me know if you make one!!


  1. Whatever! Let's live next to each other, okay? You're just insane, and I love it! :) So cute!

  2. So cute! I was thinking about making one, too. I love the holiday outfits!

  3. Haha.....YES, make him a wife!! I love all of the ezxtra pieces. Great work! And thanks for the link!


  4. Sadly the person you linked to had to remove their instructions. Could you give me an idea of what size Mr Potato head is please? Want to make one, but don't know how big he needs to be, thanks :)

    1. any chance you found out how big the head was i too eagerly want to make one for my young daughter to play with when we attend a wedding in a few weeks.