Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inspired by Sour Cream...

When I went home for Christmas, my mother in law had such a fun craft for us to do. She told me that these cute little things were inspired by the little holders the sour cream at Wendys came in. Anyone know what I am talking about???
Anyway, it's the perfect little holder for treats, love notes, money, letters, um sour cream I guess...etc... We made a lot of these and gave them away at Christmas time, but perfect for V-day, your kids, teachers, classmates, Vteachers , neighbors....
Here is how you make them
The Supplies

First take a sheet of paper, cardstock or wrapping paper- try not to get too heavy of paper

For the typical smaller size ones we cut the paper 4 1/2 by 5in. We did make one 6-7 in and turned out cute as well.

After cutting take one of the smaller ends and stick a piece of double sided tape on it. Join the two smaller end sides together and stick together in the middle, making a tube.

Then take one end, stick another piece of double sided tape inside on the edge and press it down

Next take your crimper (boy was it great to find a reason to use this after my scrapbooking days) and crimp the end you just taped.

The crimping showes up better on this paper

Next fill with candy or whatever you want

Now do the same thing to the other side but fold it the opposite way the previous one went, and crimp

Now you're almost done, take your hole puncher and punch a hole at the top.

This part is up to you, I like to put a ribbon through and attach some sort of tag so you can address who it goes to. Again, you can be creative at this part!!

Fun Huh!!
Well that's it- the sour cream holder- pretty easy- funny what things can inspire us huh!!


  1. Seriously, how do you have the time to be SO, SO creative..let alone actually sit down and actually create the fun ideas that are rolling around in your head! You blow me away!

  2. Nat- You are sweet- a lot of boring long night shifts with nothing to do!!! I do a lot of my researching, planning and sometimes crafting at work since the majority of my shift is boring and slow. Then at home during nap times or at night I try to work on some things- BUT have made my self clean the house, do laundry if needed, dishes etc before I do any crafts- Wish we lived close, we could get together and do some

  3. These would make great party favors for my daughter's upcoming b-day! Great idea, thanks for posting!

  4. Thanks Leah, so glad you are able to use the idea!!

  5. Visiting from Tater Tots & Jello and found this Gem!

    Made a sample and I am ready to add this to my Cute Cute Collection of quick things to make!

    Thank You - I love it!