Friday, February 19, 2010

Ruffle Shirt

Need another idea using cheap shirts??

I am really into ruffles on clothes these days and it seems like I am always seeing them in stores such as this one this one and this one- unfortunately these are way out of my price range right now.

So when I saw this cute idea (a long time ago) I was thrilled!!
One night this week while enjoying the Olympics- I decided to try it out

I had purchased two shirts at Target (the same time I bought these)
Remeber they were .75 cents each!!

Here is the before
(two shirts. you need two. one lousy picture. sorry)

Here is the after

Fun huh- totally looks J Crew-ish wouldn't you say!

p.s. I just saw this tutorial for something similar
 Cute Cute Cute, totally doing it