Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Advent with Jill

There is a reason why Jill and I are friends
This being one of them!!
(Jill, seriously- why didn't we just sit around the dorms and craft all day... ha!)

Check it out 
If you know me then you know I am all about
 any project involving an advent calendar and felt

Can't wait to get started!!
(p.s. and by posting this I am now obligated to complete this project, please hold me to it!!)

Oh and here is a link to the amazing Advent Jill is going off of!!!

Anyone else joining in on the fun??


  1. seriously ... why DIDN'T we just sit around the dorms and craft? So silly of us.

  2. Hey Chelsea! I'm going to attempt to do this too- its so cute! I'm just wondering what kind of felt you are using- just the stuff from JoAnns or Michaels?

  3. Meg- I'm glad you are making one too!!! It's way cute huh, I couldn't resist! I am just using the felt you can get at JoAnns/Michaels. I think I may splurge and get wool felt for the actual Christmas tree (which is at JoAnns in bulk) but other than that- just the cheap stuff :) have fun,