Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Organized

Yesterday was not my favorite day. 
Things just kept going wrong ALL day. 
It definitely didn't get better when we ventured to the DMV at 5pm
 (Hate that place)
My poor husband has to go BACK- passport still in Utah! ugh

I realize that most of my stress yesterday was a result of being unorganized.
I consider myself an organized person in general..... but seriously there are some areas 
where I need to shape up!
I realized the best way to decrease my daily/weekly stressors...(meal planning/ cleaning/bills)

I have been following the blog Prepared Not Scared for awhile now and have loved it!
Many tips on getting organized with food storage and daily living along with recipes, activities etc. Awesome blog. Check it out.

Anyway today I was looking at their blog and found the solution to my organization woes
The Day Keeper

I am just blown away by how detailed and perfect this is. This woman has been working on the Day Keeper for years now.  It's perfect. More than perfect. Just what I need!!!

"The Day Keeper can be adapted to work 

for whatever season you're in, including Grandparenting!
Most of my planning is done on a weekly basis.
Even though each day of my week has a
different purpose and focus the daily format is consistent"

I am not even going to try and explain it, because she does a great job.
I will just direct you where to go- so you can check it out and 
(oh and its all free too)

plus sections for

Birthday and Anniversary Cards
Birthday's and Anniversaries
Monthly Expenses Sheets
Bills to be Paid
Babysitter Information
"Here's What We Did This Month" Journal Pages
Running Project List
Important Names and Numbers
Our Family Goals
Visiting Teaching Information
Home Teaching Information
Wants, Needs, and Sizes
2010 Holidays
Weekly Shopping List
Breakfast Repeat
Monthly Emergency Preparedness Planning and Purchases
Authorization for Treatment of a Minor
Daily Quick Clean Schedule
Routines: Table of Contents
Pictures for Family History
My Routines
Kids Routines
Holiday Traditions and Ideas
Routines Divider Page

Tomorrow she will talk about how to compile your binders!! I am excited!

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