Friday, March 5, 2010

How do YOU organize your Recipes??

I have had a problem lately and it has to do with all my recipes

They are starting to show up everywhere in many different forms and a very unorganized manner-
and I 'm getting sick of it

I have many great recipe books that I cook from all the time (this one especially-seriously the best- EVERY recipe is fabulous)
 along with some recipes cards on a flip book my mom gave me

plus a three ring binder with sheet protectors that I started to put all my recipes I printed off the internet
(but they are just pilling high on top it now)
then an occasionaly clip out from a magazine
oh and I almost forget the little recipe box that holds some cards

Seriously, it's a mess and driving me crazy!!

So I am just wondering how you organize your recipes??
What do you do with recipes you get off the internet??
Any fun/creative way of storing them??
I really wanna know!!

I will try and post some ideas I have received and how I went about organizing them all soon!!

ps- you wondering where all the St Patricks ideas are that I promised I would post....
well they are coming. I was picked to be a guest blogger here and my post (which may or may not be all about St Patricks Day) will be posted on March 11th. SO stay tuned!!


  1. Really, there's no one method that works for everyone, but I'll share what I do so you can think about it. I'm with you - I get so many random recipes from all over that it was difficult to find a really structured way to organize them. I have tons I've printed off the internet a few random recipe cards / pamphlets, books etc. So, what works for me is a relatively lax organization system - there are just too many variables to have something really structured. I have 2 large accordian files (about 9in x 12in) that I put all my recipes in. I have about 20 different categories (a little too many in my opinion, sometimes it's hard to decide where stuff goes). And I just stick everything in the files - whether they're on 3x5 cards, notepads, post-its, full pages, magazines, whatever - they all just go in their respective section. That way I don't have to re-copy things onto matching cards (and squishing things when the recipe is too long) or cutting and taping magazine recipes onto cards etc. I tried to have a more structured and organized system, but for me it just didn't work - I spent so much time creating and maintaining it that I never felt like I got a payout from having things organized. But, with the way I do it now, I don't stress over the perfection because I can still find my recipes easily (more so, because I remember what all the random ones look like and can find them easily). I do have to flip through every recipe in a section when I'm looking for one, which isn't ideal, but in my opinion I spend less time doing that than I did trying to have the perfect (and pretty) recipe organization. Also, I've decided that there are so many recipes that we love, if I try one that's just ok, I don't keep it - I found I never make it again and it just sits in my file taking up space and wasting my time. So, only keep recipes that you LOVE. Wow, how's that for a discourse ;) Good Luck!

  2. I like the idea of an accordion file. I have a box that I love but also have a bunch that I have printed off the computer. I might have to get an accordion for the ones that are not ready to be transferred to cards.