Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Decorating the boy's room: take 1

You should feel bad for my child.... his room at the moment is kinda boring
I mean look at this wall
so bare and plain

It has been on my TO DO LIST ever since we moved here
to get his room all cute and decorated

So here is my first attempt
 this idea is probably not new to any of you
but thought I would share it anyway!!

Personalized wall hanging
This was very easy to do
You can find wooden, plastic, cardboard letters at any craft store
Take the letters you wish to use and decorate them how you want to
All you need is some wonderful Modge Podge and paper for the letters
and some ribbon to hang

(still deciding on the ribbon choice- and the borderline girlie owl paper,should I keep it??
I just loved the owls)

I was happy with how they turned out
they sure brightened up that dull and boring wall!!!


  1. I just saw your guest post and loved all your ideas! What a cute blog! I also just started a blog and work graveyard at a hospital & craft in my scrubs (HAHA). I'm hitting the follow button, so I don't miss out on any of your great ideas:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute letters! Where did you find them? I have not had very good luck finding the letters I want, but I like yours. Please let me know.


  3. keep it all! its great! the orange is pretty masculine & that helps keep the owl paper masculine too :)