Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yep, I have been a craft slacker....

#1 reason- August was not the nicest to us. After my two year old son broke his precious little arm, we all endured colds and later on the stomach flu.
#2 reason- My current "project" -
{baby #2 coming Feb 2011}
One I know will turn out just perfect
#3- Lazy and tired..... {see reason #2)

Luckily, I am getting my energy back and have even pulled my sewing machine out for a craft or two. Also, for some crazy reason, I decided to make a felt playhouse for my boy for Christmas. I am in the not so fun cutting stage but it is turning out pretty dang cute and excited to see how it turns out!!! (All I have to say is he better like it!) Pictures to come soon!

For now, here is a Table Runner Tutorial I found over at Diary of a Quilter
This is a project I have started on and have hopes to get done before fall is over. I have a feeling I will want to make one for each holiday!!
U create just posted many examples of those who followed this pattern!! So so cute!

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