Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Root Beer Sampler

When I saw this idea on my good buddy Jill's blog awhile ago I knew it would be perfect for my root beer loving husband. Luckily his birthday was yesterday and I didn't have to wait any longer to do this for him.

I must say this is one of my favorite gifts I have given- and to make it even better.... my husband LOVED it! So win win. For the Mr.'s root beer sampler- I used the IBC container and filled 6 different glass root beers. Finding the different root beer was actually more fun than I thought it would be. Most grocery stores have them- For me, out here in the Midwest- Hy-vee provided a 3, World Market 2 and Machine Shed 1. There were actually a lot more at each of these places but were only sold as a 6 pack.  Since I wasn't wanting to spend too much money, I opted for the single bottles. (This would be such a fun thing to do with a bunch of your girlfriends, sisters, mom etc.. each buy a couple 6 packs and share!I thought a lot of the bottles in the 6 pack were cuter) I would have also loved to have given him more but stuck with 6... this time!

Something else I loved was making the root beer sampler guide. Along the same lines as this one and this one. (except minus the color for me- color printer still in Utah) By googling each root beer brand, I was able to find some fun blogs dedicated just to root beer with great reviews! (Cosmo's Root Beer review, Spikes Root Beer reviews, and King of Soda ) I compiled it with a little help from Picnik and was set to go!!

SO SO fun!! It was a pretty simple project too! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. I think I might do this for my dad for Christmas. He loves rootbeer too, and it seems like I can never think of something he doesn't have! Cheers, Chelsea!