Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Button Earrings

I have been meaning to make button earrings for a long time now and finally got around to making them today!
This was the easiest and greatest project ever.... and took me under five minutes to do!
 I'm sure most know how its done but will post directions just in case. 

First- buy some buttons that you think would look fab. as earrings
(as you can see, I kinda was having a thing for roses when I went button shopping)

Buy these

Heat up your glue gun

If your buttons have something on the back, snip it off with a good pair of scissors or have your man and his heavy duty equipment get it off for you!

Once off, you are all set. Just glue the backing to the button and you have yourself a cute new pair of earrings!!

Such a GREAT easy gift idea!!

So start looking through your old stash of buttons and make yourself some earrings!!


  1. Love the roses! What a fun, simple idea. I'll try them next week!!

  2. I saw these exact earrings at the Shade store. Great idea!