Thursday, June 10, 2010


While I was at a friends house recently, I came across her huge collection of souvenir spoons. I was blown away. She had them all beautifully organized to display on the wall. I just loved them and enjoyed hearing about how she acquired many of them and all the fun places they were from. This inspired me and made me look at my own personal collections.
Throughout my life I have collected many things.

I once had a journal where after my entry, would put something from the day into it.  I was young and while many of the keepsakes were movie stubs, bandaids, leaves, or receipts (yeah kinda weird, but hey, I was little!)- I LOVED doing it at the time! It is quite hilarious going back through it now!

My next big collection during my elementary/and sadly Jr high days were pigs.(no not real pigs, but pretty much anything else). My very cool aunt collected them so I of course had to copy. Pretty soon, my shelves were filled with pig figurines, my feet were in pig slippers and I was writing notes to friends in school on "pig" stationary. Later on I added sunflowers to the mix. I remember the day when I got a lamp that had both a pig and sunflowers on it/ that was a good day.

I have had many other collections over the years
Ornaments (my dream is to have a little Christmas tree just with
ornaments from places around the world)

Advent Calendars
and I guess a recent collection of fabric, felt, and thread, Thomas the Train engines, and books could be added to the list!

My dad likes to collect stamps, my mom and aunt- nutcrackers, my grandpa- stones

So my question is, what do you like to collect??
Is there something you are always on the look out for?
Or a certain souvenir you can never pass up on a vacation?

I would love to know, and who knows, I may just have to copy you!!
You can never collect too many things!


  1. haha I used to collect Pig stuff too... it pretty much started because my older sister was into cow stuff, and I was attempting to be different then her... I had all kinds of pig stuff from craft shows that my parents bought me... I had it all stored in the attic once I grew out of it, and then a few years ago I sold pretty much all of it at a garage sale.

    Now I collect craftmaking stuff, fabric, of course I get caught up in all the home show stuff like "pampered chef", if that counts =)

  2. I realized that i collected earrings just like a month ago... i have around 50 pairs! And I've only had my ears pierced for almost 2 years! Its crazy right?

  3. Pahaha. What was with the pig collections? I think it was a trend because I know a ton of people who did that! (And I was kinda jealous at the time!) But now I turned into an anti-collector for some reason. I get rid of everything I shouldn't and then wish for it later. Weird, I know.