Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar!

OK first off- SORRY this is a Christmas Craft post- I am way over Christmas and sure you are too, but I just had to post this for my own record and of course to give ideas for any future craft you are going to do.
I saw this a couple months ago and meant to make it before the month of December (with it being an advent calendar and all).Well when I didn't get it done before December 1st- I had high hopes to complete it before Christmas day, wrong again. I finished it this past week on a boring snowy day! Good thing I am so slow this year with putting away my Christmas Decor- I can now pack it away with the rest of the Christmas stuff!
Anyway, Advent Calendars are my FAVORITE and was so excited when I saw the idea here. I pretty much copied everything so you can see how to make it and store it in your brain for 11 months! I am planning on filling it with an activty to do each day. Okay, here is how it turned out and again, sorry for the Post Christmas Christmas Post!! I promise to post some fun V day Ideas soon!!

Back view

Cute little guy huh

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