Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grocery Bag Holder

Ok so I have been nesting like crazy over here.
  I stayed put all day yesterday due to some gross winter weather and began attacking 
areas of my house that needed a little organization!! 
One that was at the top of my list was the pantry.
After cleaning up the pantry, I saw this major problem lurking in the corner...
I was having a serious problem.....
 grocery bags were spilling out of this bag and taking up SO much space.
I remember seeing a tutorial here at Make it and Love It
(you can also see some cute examples here too!)
and decided I better make one for myself that night!

I must say this was one of my favorite projects..... weird because it's a grocery bag holder and will just be hanging out in the pantry......but it was a lot of fun to make!!! (and SUPER EASY!!!)
(before stuffed)

(after, all ready to be used)

So check out the directions and make one for yourself, or for a gift. I am always on the look out for fun homemade wedding gifts and think this would be a great one!!!


  1. I love the fabric you chose! And I think next time I make one I will have to use multiple fabrics for the stripe effect. Thanks for the link back to my blog. That was my very first time someone has ever linked back to my blog! I feel so excited about it. You may have already said, but when is your baby due? And do you know if it is a girl or a boy?

  2. Thanks Chels! I just made my own! I love it, so practical too!