Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 tier serving tray

My SuPeR creative friend recently showed me a great way to make a 3 tier serving tray!!
 It was very simple and overall, a really fun project!! 
Unfortunately I only took one photo of my completed project before I gave it away to my cousin
 at her bridal shower, oh well- I think you can get the picture!!!

Here's how you make one for yourself

you need:
3 plates (I found mine at TJ Maxx for cheap, they had a lot of great options!)
3 cups-preferably with a handle to give it the antique/vintage look
Clear Caulk (or any strong adhesive)

The process is simple- start with your largest plate (if you are using different sized plates) 
and start stacking...
There is no right or wrong way with how you position your cups (if they have handles) just focus on getting everything centered and it will look fabulous in the end!!!

Like everything I make... I now want one for every holiday and are constantly on the look out for fun cheap plates wherever I go!!!


  1. I'm in love with this idea;) Thank you for sharing. I