Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pillowcase Fun

At one of my family reunions this past month, I was in charge of organizing a craft for 11 little kiddos. I instantly thought back to over a year ago, the night before my brothers wedding at a cousin pajama party. 

That night we each decorated our own pillowcases with paint, markers, jewels, glitter, etc.....  The possibilities are endless with what you can use. We then went around leaving messages for each other. Think of it as yearbook signing with pillowcases! It was SO much fun and seriously all ages were easily entertained!! It is such a great thing to have since most of us live far away from each other!! 

I knew this would be a great idea for my little nieces and son. The kids got so into it and even had all the aunts/ uncles and grandparents sign too. Instead of paint, however, we used fabric markers to decrease the mess. Such a fun, simple idea that kept all of us entertained!!

1 comment:

  1. First- what a blessing to have cousins! I wish my kids had some! (They do, but they are all grown up and live far far away... so sad...).

    second- what a fun time it looks like you had! I love the craft idea. very personal and really gives them something to hold on to and remember. Nice work!